A SILENT DISCO is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants.

There can usually be up to 3 channels transmitted and these can be selected by a switch on the users headphone.


Obviously, we think that Silent Disco’s are the BEST thing ever! However here’s some reasons why you should get involved!

1. Cater for everyone’s music taste - Worried about pleasing everyone at a party or can’t decide on what music to have? With up to 3 channels being transmitted to your headphones, you can please everyone

2. Top quality headphones - The transmitters send stereo quality sounds to your LED headphones! No crackling as long as you dont wander off too far!

3. No Noise issues - As there is no music coming out of speakers, you are less likely to have issues with noise levels or sound limiters at venues (apart from your singing) They are very popular for weddings/parties with noise restrictions so you can continue the party later!

4. Sing or Chat with ease - The beauty of having a Silent Disco is that your can take your headphones off and have a chat without trying to shout over a DJ!

5. Wireless fun - The transmitters have up to 500m range so you can setup the music away from the party. You may want to protect the kit or just want to keep your wannabe DJ mate Dave from hogging the playlist!

6. It’s HILARIOUS - The videos and photos we receive from our hires are absolute gold! You will lose yourself in the moment and the music… But make sure you take your headphones off and listen to everyone singing! 😂


It is very simple. We use state of the art fully rechargeable LED silent headphones with transmitters to give a great level of sound quality.

The music source is then plugged in to the transmitter and away you go, you can have up to 3 transmitters running three separate music sources. The headphone user can switch between three channels to choose what they want to hear.

Our Headphones are:

  • Fully rechargeable wireless headsets
  • 3 channels of music switchable – LED colour changing ears!
  • Range of up to 500 metres away from the transmitter
  • Easy to change volume and super sound quality
  • Packages include transmitters.


Want to know how it all works when hiring your Silent Disco? Here’s a step by step guide!

Getting Started

  • Send us your enquiry via our online form
  • We will confirm availability and send you a booking form
  • Then you send it back with a 50% deposit to secure booking

One month to go

  • Remaining balance and refundable damage deposit is due
  • Confirm delivery details for our courier

The WORKING DAY before your hire

  • Headphones (and anything else you have selected) arrives at your chosen destination
  • Unpack and follow the super simple set instructions
  • Switch the headphones off and repack everything back into the boxes they came in

The WORKING DAY after your hire

  • Courier will collect the Headphones
  • You sit back and re-live what a fantastic time you had!

The Week after your hire

  • Head phones are checked and damage deposit is returned.