Hen Party Hire

If you really want to create the full HEN-FEST experience then what you need is some top tunes. Sadly not every glamping site/house will allow a full band, but that’s no problem, you can still pump up the tunes and please all musical tastes with a Silent Disco.

We offer a party package with up to 10 charged LED headphones, 2 fully loaded ipods and 2 ‘plug and play’ transmitters for £10 per person including delivery. The battery life of the headphones is approx. 10 hours so you can get 2 nights worth of fun!


  • Self setup with easy to follow instructions
  • 10 LED headphones
  • 2 Transmitters
  • 2 Loaded iPods

Free Delivery/Collection in Northamptonshire (£20 for all other areas)

Additional headphones - £5 each

Party assistants available on request

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To check package availability please complete the form below:We will look to provide a quote within 24 hours, If you require an urgent quote then please email hello@boomevents.co.uk